Kids NEED To Learn To Make Mistakes


LOVE mistakes as a teacher. It is so important for kids to learn that it is natural part of learning and it WILL happen.

I might sound like a bad or mean teacher but I always highlighted mistakes in my classroom- mine and students’. I think it is an integral part of the learning process and one that is often not taught. I would also point out my mistakes and have the students analyze how and why I made it.

Sometimes I would ask the students if I could use them as an example of making a mistake. In the beginning of the year the students would balk or start to get upset about this- especially the perfectionists. It would provide the perfect opportunity for students to learn that EVERYONE makes mistakes and it was fine. We would talk about how it didn’t make the person better/worse/smarter/ or dumber. We would always recognize the bravery of the person and letting us look at their work and to talk about it.

For gifted students, this was vital. They realized they didn’t have to be perfect, they didn’t have to always be right or have all the answers. It also helped them become comfortable with coming to ask questions and realize I was going to judge or think of them any different.

I love this article posted on Edutopia and how it highlights embracing mistakes. Highly recommend it.


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