How do I find the right school for my child?

Where we live, we are fortunate that we have lots of options when it comes to educational setting for our child. However, sometimes that can also be a curse. There are almost too much to choose from!


When we started looking last year for the right place to send our son, we looked into charter, magnet, private, and public schools. In our county the public schools even have 2 different calendars to choose- year round or traditional. It was so overwhelming to talk to, research, and tour all the schools. However, I was really glad that we did and here are a few personal reasons:

1. Every school has its own “personality” or a feeling that I got when I walked in to the school. You can get a good sense if it is a good fit for your child pretty quickly.

2. Some of the schools were a little overwhelming in the classroom- almost too much going on or a lot of “stuff” around (NOTHING wrong with this at all- just something I noticed).

3. Each school had different size classrooms and amount of children in them.

4. I liked the students having technology in the classrooms.

5. I liked smiling teachers.

6. I thought hands-on, field trips and speakers were important.

*All the schools I toured had fantastic curriculum and learning so I didn’t really list this.

Every parent will opinionsĀ or ideas of what they want from the school environment. The hard part is not to feel pressured by others when making your decision. I always tell parents to tour several schools, talk to the teachers and administrators, and make sure you feel comfortable with your choice. Some parents will tour 8 schools and some will know right away where they want to send their child. It is a personal decision! Good luck!!

Helpful parenting link from PBS for choosing right school


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