Food Battles, Anyone??!!

Sometimes, the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is VERY obvious in our household. Growing up, I ate about 15 different items about half of those were breakfast foods. I didn’t like pizza, vegetables (not many kids do?!), spaghetti, cheeseburgers and most everything else. But that was normal to me and I didn’t know that people ate so many other things. Well… my child is just like me. She eats just about nothing. NOTHING! Yesterday, I decided to try to trick her. We were out of the one kind of yogurt she will eat so I colored the vanilla yogurt purple. I didn’t think she would fall for it but she LOVED it. In fact, our son then asked for red yogurt. They had so much fun making the colored yogurt. carly No judgement either- we do put a few M&M’s in it to get her to eat it.

I know others have food battles. Wonder what other tricks parents use?

Just an idea for other parents…I have been following a blog:  Cute ideas on for being creative with eating time.



9 thoughts on “Food Battles, Anyone??!!

  1. Even though our daughter is a fairly “good” eater, we are shameless with our tactics to get her to try new things. Bribing, sauces for dipping the new food and my new favorite (she’s 6), constantly reminding her that trying new foods is a sign of intelligence. As I said, we’re shameless.


      • Thanks! Some activities where you take apart fruit like the tangerine activity on the blog can help kids get more comfortable with the different textures of fruit. Also bite-mark activities where you make bite marks in harder fruits like apple slices can be fun and let kids taste the fruit and feel the texture without centering the activity on eating. I’m also going to do a smoothie post this week as part of a segment on purees. Smoothies can be a great way to get fruit into kids diets! I’ll keep thinking of ways to add fruit into future activities, too!


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