Food Battles and Parent Advice


So I have a confession… well some of you already know this. I was extremely picky eater growing up. I hated most foods. My childhood friends could all tell you what I would pack in my lunchbox because it was pretty much the same for 13 years of school. In fact, pretty sure my college roommates could list the food items I would eat- there wasn’t many.

Now that I am a mother of a picky eater, I really try not to let it stress me out. I know she will eventually outgrow it and won’t be sitting in business meetings eating a peanut butter sandwich cut into a circle. I know she will eventually learn that fruit does taste good and so do vegetables.

What does stress me out is the parenting advice I get for her eating habits. I realize she needs to eat more fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. But I also know she would rather go hungry than eat something she doesn’t want to. I can’t bribe her, negotiate with her, explain to her it is healthy, etc. She doesn’t care– she won’t eat. I honestly think she would die of hunger before she ate a vegetable.

So in the meantime, I do feed her what she likes. My parents did and guess what?? I am ok and eat very healthy.

PS- I do put food in front of her and she won’t eat it.

PSS- Click on the picture above for a short article for parents.


One thought on “Food Battles and Parent Advice

  1. I’m a speech and feeding therapist who recently started a blog with activities for picky eaters at There is also some great information in the other resources links on my site, but I would also recommend looking into Food Chaining. The doctors and therapists who put together that program give some great explanations about why some kids would go hungry rather than try a new food. You know your kid best and you’re probably not imagining that!


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