Interest Intensity: Snakes, Lizards, Iguanas, Oh MY!

Academically gifted students often have interests that can be different of chronological peers. Not any better or worse, just different. They can also be intense about these- reading everything, watching videos, and only wanting to talk about that specific topic. Maybe on the verge of obsession. It is like a thirst that is unquenchable. The hard part for these students is they might not be able to find other friends that like to talk about them or understand. As young children, they get confused on why others don’t share this interest. When these children get older, they learn to hide these interests for fear of ridicule.

photo (8)

My son intense interest is reptiles. He LOVES anything to do with reptiles- especially snakes. I always prided myself on being a little bit of a tomboy but learning about snakes was never on my list of interests. Now, at bedtime we read Audubon books or watch YouTube videos about snakes. We have even watched a video on two headed snakes.

Well, this weekend is the annual Repticon in Raleigh (a showcase of reptiles) and I can not be more thrilled. No- I don’t care much about what we might see there. But I will love to see my son’s face and his excitement.


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