Gifted Children on Reality TV?

When I first heard Lifetime was making a series about gifted children, I was elated. Hopeful they would truly document some of the struggles parents experience with gifted children, or the difficulties (yes they do have them) for these children. I wanted parents of all children to know that parenting gifted children has ups and downs just like all kids.

Anyways- I did read a blog post about the show and I am so discouraged. Although I am not sure why I am surprised since it is reality tv- exploiting the stereotype and truly not reflecting real life.

Here is one blurb from the blog post by Gifted Unschooling I think sums it up great:

From my perspective, the show is borderline child abuse; however, sensationalism doesn’t factor in the impact to a child’s psyche. It is entirely misrepresentative of what truly profoundly gifted children and geniuses are like. The show exploits the concept of giftedness and genius which, by the way, are not the same thing. Most children, no matter how brilliant they are, are not necessarily going to be eminent and contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way and therefore, it is entirely premature to coin them as geniuses. Even if a child who has attained a specific IQ number coincided with a certain view of the term genius, this show does nothing to emulate the nature of a genius, prodigy or profoundly gifted child. Genius is not quantifiable.

Check out the whole blog in its entirity–  reminder of how low reality show goes to earn money.


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