Teaching Academically Gifted Children to Relax?!

Last week I took a week off of the blog- and I missed it. I found that I wanted to find resources, articles, and information to share. I might not have many “followers” but I do this because I love it. But, I still needed to have a few things off my plate for the week to focus on a my to-do list.

Help Your Child Relax

I consistently struggle with wanting to do it all and not knowing when to stop or say no. I think this is very common in gifted children too. They might not want to admit they can’t do it all or have difficult time just relaxing. Their little minds are always racing so they feel that physically they have to be in motion. It is our jobs as educators and parents to teach these children how to relax and just “take it easy”. It is a skill that comes naturally to some but not many gifted individuals.

Here are a few articles for parents to help teach your gifted child how to relax (or any child!)

Stress- Learning to Relax

How to Help Students Relax When They’re Feeling Stressed

Help Your Child Relax *

*Image from here


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