Asynchronous Development with Gifted Students

Asynchronous development (refers to uneven intellectual, physical, and emotional development) in gifted students is a tricky thing for parents and educators. Expectations for behavior based on abilities can make it confusing. For example, if your second grade child can explain multiplication of fractions and decimals (which is a fifth/grade skill), then you might expect they can behave and rationalize like a fifth grade child. Wrong! They are still emotionally a second grader.


As a parent it is frustrating when they can explain the ages of dinosaurs at six years old but still throw a temper tantrum about wearing jeans instead of leggings. The knowledge of asynchronous development is essential in understanding how and why your child acts, thinks and feels- whether it might be developmentally delayed, average, or advanced.

I always recommend to any parent that comes to me for resources or advice to research this topic. I have yet to meet a gifted child that doesn’t exhibit this characteristic. 

Few resources:

Article on Asynchronous Development posted by SENG (one of my favorite websites for parents)

Asynchrony: A New Definition of Giftedness


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