Picky Eaters?! Great Tip from a Occupational Therapist

I have written about picky eaters before and for any new readers… I was a SUPER picky eater growing up. I would not eat many foods and luckily the foods I did eat were fairly healthy. Well, now I am blessed with my own picky eater. She has a list of about 15 foods that she likes to eat and there is no amount of coaxing, bribery, trickery, etc. that can convince her to try foods she doesn’t like.

I get lots of parenting advice about this topic. “She will eat if she gets hungry enough” is my favorite. I always nod my head and say, “Yep, I guess she will”. But in my mind, I want tell them that she won’t. She would rather go hungry then eat something that smells funny, looks different, or that she just doesn’t think she will like.

So for now, we just try to remember, she won’t be eating creamy peanut butter sandwiches that are cut in circles when she is out at a business lunch!

Our occupational therapist gave us a great idea the other day- have her just touch the food and put it up to her lips and even in her mouth. She is allowed to spit it out but she needs to work on getting it into her mouth.PickyEater_300x

So we will try that- but I know she will outgrow some of this. I know as she gets older, she will eat more food. So I work on not being frustrated when I cook a great meal and she wants a peanut butter sandwich. 🙂


One thought on “Picky Eaters?! Great Tip from a Occupational Therapist

  1. This is a great tip! I’m a speech therapist who specializes in feeding and I started a blog (www.learntolovefood.com) about food play activities just like this! I wonder if some the activities would be fun for you to try! I’d love to know what you think, if you get a chance to check it out!


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