Testing Too Much?

One of my gripes as an educator is students are tested way too much. I do think there is a time and a place for assessments and evaluations. They offer information for educators of strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, or proficiency. It also offers information for parents and the effectiveness of educational programs. There is no way around testing or assessing students. But, there is a point at which it is way too much and especially when they are not used or reviewed by the actual teachers.

At what point do we realize enough is enough? Young students are stressed and anxious about the tests and there is a huge waste of instructional time conducting these. One day a few years ago, I counted up that some students spend 10 days participating in standardized testing (and this doesn’t include the classroom assessments or quizzes). What?? How many adults want to take 10 days of testing for their jobs? Much less spend hours a day sitting at a desk bubbling in circles? No wonder some of our kids hate school.

However, I do think that the blame is misplaced. This is my opinion but I don’t know if it is Common Core to blame. It is how it is approached and assessed. Not the actual curriculum. I just read this article about a school system standing up for the students. Good for them.




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