What do you think? More recess, less, or none?

What??!! Recess isn’t mandated? I just read an article that a break in the day for children is not required by law. I am in shock and had no idea. I just assumed since in the adult world, breaks are mandatory, it would be the same for little bodies. Nope. Since the push for testing and assessments, it seems that other facets (like social skills from recess) of the lives of children are not as important to develop?

Recess is vital in my opinion. Not just for a mental break but for social interactions, imaginary play, games, and there is a lot of research about the benefits of just moving our bodies around.

If adults want a break during the day at work, don’t you think children do too?!

Educators Issue a Call for Mandatory Recess



3 thoughts on “What do you think? More recess, less, or none?

  1. I’d like to see a recess of at least a full 45 minutes. That’s enough time to decide on an imaginary game and who will play what role. I’d rather see one long, outdoor, free play break than 2 small breaks.


  2. Primary schools in Australia begin by playing on the playground 30 minutes before the bell rings. It gives students a time to play and parents a 30 minute window to drop off the kids. The bell rings, students line up and the teacher brings the students inside to go to class. I wish that happened here.


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