What do test scores mean for gifted children?

Testing does give an idea of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles of children. Sometimes it can give us an idea of perfectionism and if there are learning disabilities.

I always encourage parents for the individual testing because it does help give them a good indication of the best learning approaches for their child. I don’t advocate for more testing but this type of testing can often be perceived as fun by children and helpful to parents and educators.

For gifted parents, I found this easy chart today to give you a general idea of how the scores can be explained. Very general!



Random Confession

I have a very random confession… Part of my “quirkiness” (if there is such a word?) is data. I LOVE data and analyzing it. When I was in the gifted classroom, I loved this part of our job. Seeing how the numbers related to real students and how it all fit into what we were doing with them was very cool.

Well, now that I have the blog, I can check my stats every day. They have a button for it! What??! I try not to obsess too much and just review it once a day. But some days I slip and check it twice a day. 

And guess what? I just realized I have internationals view of my blog!! One is my aunt- but hey she is still international!