GoldieBlox Zipline

Yesterday I wrote about a really neat new toys marketed for girls. I love that it encourages girls to be scientists and mathematicians. One of their toys that looks like so much fun is a zipline that the toy goes down. I really think I am going to get this toy soon for my daughter! But I think my son might like it just as much even if he won’t admit it.


Girls Engineering Toy!


Recently a friend posted a link to this video about girl engineering toys called “Goldie Blox“. It was an interview of the founders ideas, dreams, and visions of toys designed for the girl mathematician. It supports an idea that statistically there are less women in the engineering field and maybe this is because girls were not encouraged or given role models growing up that showed girls can do this too? I am sure there is plenty of research that would support this or refute it. But I can tell you that I LOVE this idea for girls or boys. I love that there is a positive role model that shows how cool math and engineering can be for kids. I cannot wait to try one of these with students. The next few days I will be highlighting a few of the toys from the company.