Wake Academy- The mission of Wake Gifted Academy is to foster the intellectual growth and development of academically gifted and high potential students through the delivery of scholastically rigorous lessons, rich extension activities, and a curriculum that incorporates the complexity, depth, and pacing necessary to address the students’ educational and emotional needs.

Academically Gifted School in Raleigh area with small class sizes, individualized instruction, and instructor with training for teaching gifted students.

-Provide high quality instruction designed to meet the unique needs of gifted students
-Provide a positive, low anxiety environment to promote social and emotional stability for gifted students
-Integrate complex, higher level learning opportunities into educational experiences to expand individual student knowledge base
-Achieve optimal education plans and address varied pacing needs by creating a hybrid program model that harnesses the power and advantages of top online learning resources and well-crafted face-to-face learning experiences
-Continuously seek to hire instructors with strong subject area expertise and solid background in gifted education
-Provide teachers with regular, ongoing professional development in gifted education
-Prepare students to be proficient in 21st century learning skills
-Continuously evaluate, nurture and explore students’ evolving academic gifts
-Integrate parental support and involvement in learning experiences


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